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Marianna Daniels

Wisconsin, USA

The Home of Beer and Cheese

The club is very happy to announce that Marianna Daniels is one of the first inductees into the Saigon Gaels' Hall of Fame. 


Wisconsin wouldn't be known as a Gaelic stronghold, despite this, Marianna is one of the longest regular Gaels in the club's history and has helped hugely in the growth and success of the club over the years. She's probably played more matches and tournaments than any Gael, and has also served on numerous committees, as well as in her most recent role as Club Secretary.


She's travelled across Asia solo, (and soloing), with friends, and with the Gaels. From Chiang Mai to Sipidan, there aren't many places she hasn't covered.


Marianna has been involved with the club since it was just a keen group of women eager to play sport. If you and all those ladies didn't say yes to Gaelic football in Saigon who knows where we'd be! 


As a player, secretary, and all-round general helper and fixer for the Gaels, Marianna is absolutely well-deserving of this honour. 


Marianna, has been a great friend to many. The Gaels will miss you massively. 


The Club wish you the best of luck back in Wisconsin. You're a history buff and we hope you have many fantastic memories to cherish from your time here, in Saigon. And we'll be delighted to hear of your Gaelic experiences back in the US! 


John Redmond (JR)

Co, Tyrone, Eire

The DJ with One Good Knee

John Redmon ( JR ) will go down as a true Saigon Gaels Veteran. Two full tours full of horrendous DJ sets ( Spotify has a lot to answer for ), tippy-toe photos, magnificent brunches, endless banter, and a few notable football performances will make sure we always remember him long after he is gone.


The Club would not be if it had not been for JR’s dedication in the early years of 2012 to 2014. With the club in the doldrums, it was JR who rounded up every single able-bodied, somewhat sober Irishman to play tournaments over Asia. He even tried his hand at AFL in an attempt to corral their members into partaking in some good old GAA. He was the first coach of the ladies' team, paving the way for yours truly, a master technician to take over. When he first left,( with his all star : he made me insert this) the club was stronger thanks to his efforts. 


When he returned it was a different animal, a huge member base, an incredibly strong women's faction, and a fully functioning committee. Having just held the Southeast Asian Games, it was clear to see how far it had come in his time away. He dove in, headfirst again and lent a hand wherever it was possible. His innovative ideas, experience, and unique perspective have helped the club continue to improve and grow in strength. Through the covid crisis, he has been a pillar of strength and has helped the club and committee stay strong. 


JR’s time with the Gaels will never be forgotten, he has helped myself and others around him settle into this little crazy corner of the world and feel at home. I hope to see you on the field at some Asian games in the future. Mo Chara, JR, síocháin agus grá agus feicfidh mé thú go luath.

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